Chloro = Green,

Chlorosynth  is an initiative inspired by the fascinating colors of nature.

Synthesis = Form

At Chlorosynth we take extra effort to present you with "Green Fresh" designs.


Chlorosynth  offers 3 folds creative services.

2D to 3D Anaglyph conversion service

 T-Shirt design service

The most important part of choosing a design firm is SERVICE and Chlorosynth has that in spades. They are accessible, answer all of your queries, implement changes quickly and best of all, give you the RESPECT you deserve. Not to mention the total 360 degree solution they gave to our Brand.


Dr. Manu Menon - Director GinieEventz

CHLOROSYNTH did an amazing job in getting the website ready in record time. They understood my requirement and got it right the first time. They made creative suggestions without being patronizing. Thorough professionalism in all aspects and at the end I got just what I wanted.


Dr. Babita Patke -

360 degree Branding and Collateral service

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