Brushing colors on any surface Itself reduces stress by 20%

Art has an awesome mind and sensory sync

Why Therapeutic Art Helps?


Here are some incredible pointers why art acts as a therapy:

  • Art is soothing to the mind and sensory
  • The colors themselves have healing power
  • The 7 colors of the rainbow balance our chakras
  • Through art, we can visit our past, present, and future and take control of our decisions
  • Art helps us understand the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds
  • Art helps us sail through anxiety,  stress, self-doubts and depression

Chlorosynth’s Therapeutic Art Life Coaching


What is covered in the Therapeutic Art Coaching

Our One day/ two days workshop covers the following:

  1. Start – Introduction and knowing the participants
  2. Everyone can Create – What is the reward? 
  3. The Relaxing Power of Paints themselves – Understanding Colors
  4. Introducing Mandalas – The 7 Chakras Mandala
  5. Creating Life Mandala – Your Past Preset and Future
  6. Mandals for Meditation
  7. Rise of the Phoneix – delete the past and rise again. Learn to forgive what is holding you back
  8. Facilitating Affirmation Art – I use to believe _______________ but now I choose _________________
  9. The Psychology of affirmation – Tame the monkey in your brain
  10. Mental Aspect, Emotional Aspect, Physical aspect – create Art with Affirmation statements
  11. Art of Stress Reduction – Coloring Mandalas, Doodling
  12. Understanding parts of your mind Subconscious, Conscious and Subconscious mind
  13. Bridging our thoughts & Reframing our Thoughts
  14. Looking ourselves as a Whole Person
  15. Manifestation of art – Vision Boards
  16. Wrap Up & Question Answer


Have a project to discuss?  Let’s meet over a cup of coffee or tea or if you prefer over a video call.

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