Crafting an impeccable User Experience does not necessarily mean you have to make the entire experience complex and difficult to use or consume. An awesome UX design is all about simplifying the user journey — getting rid of each and any elements that aren’t absolutely necessary.



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“People ignore design that ignores people.”

Frank Chimero

A great User Experience is all about putting your user first. Any part of a website, app, or software that ignores the user’s needs is destined to fail. The first part of the UX design process is getting to know your end-user: what are their goals? What are their pain points or motivation, and how do they browse? Also, a UXD expert’s major challenge is to make the Experience Inclusive. User Experience is for everyone. It really doesn’t matter race, color, or disabilities.

If your user experience is not for all, shouldn’t it be named as Some User Experience or SUX?

— Billy Gregory, Senior Accessibility Engineer


UX & UI Consultancy Services



Pretty simple. So you have a Website, an eCommerce store, an App that is not performing as intended. Are you facing a high bounce rate, extremely low time spent on the site, huge shopping cart abandonment, or not ADA compliant, extremely slow, users complaining of getting lost in the workflow? 

You leave it to us. Our streamlined process will help you easily detect loopholes in your digital property. Our 25 years of collective experience across varied platforms and unique challenges have made us experts in pinpointing glitches and help solve your problem.

UX & UI Full Time & Part time Consultancy

We understand business is going through a real tough time. We also understand the pain to retain a big team of UX & UI professionals and a senior UX expert for a longer time, when the business flow is on drips. The outgoing cost has become extremely sensitive.

Deliberating on the above situation, Chlorosynth has come up with a unique solution of FTC or PTC.

In PTC or Part-time consultancy, we will act as a part-time consultant with your in-house UX team on pre-defined man-hours per week and a total project tenure. The Advantage you will get is to not hire a full-time UX Head and save on cost.  At the same time, you will get an industry expert to consult on your project and get the work done by your in-house team. Your in-house team is not only safe but they will learn a lot from industry stalwarts.

In FTC or Full-time consultancy, we will act as a part-time consultant with your in-house UX team on pre-defined man-hours per week and a total project tenure. All other things remain the same. Only consultation fees will vary.


UX & UI Strategy & Creation 

Oh, so you have a project in hand that you want to outsource? Great! Chlorosynth gives you an end-to-end ‘Strategy to Finish’ solution. We start with the UX model, we understand your need – be it business or technology or user needs, we analyze the needs and then collect the functional specifications and content requirements. Once this is done we start with information architecture and after approval, we build the wireframes. Only after we get a sign-off on all these aspects that we start crafting the mockups. We can assure you that the end result is not only a delight in the eyes but also a highly functional and user-centric outcome.


Dear Tridib,

Thank you so much for agreeing to train / coach our delivery and operations staff on Design Thinking and best practices to be adopted while creating designs for marketing and learning purposes.

From the details that was shared by the people who you trained, the following points stood out in terms of their core learning from the three month long exercise,

  1. The key points on the design thinking front that you shared has changed their approach in terms of collecting the brief through pointed questions and spending time understanding the objectives before they think of even drawing or penning the first element on the frame
  2. Their approach towards designing customer portals or even a simple mailer has witnessed a sea change – now, they approach a project by questioning their assumptions, clarifying or even suggesting to clients on what elements make sense and what the project should focus on. The aspect of thinking through not only the client but even their end customer is beginning to receive positive response from our clients.

We at Eduriser thank you for your patience and getting into every minute detail of the designing process. The team has benefitted a great deal.

We would like to engage you again soon.

-Mr. Suresh Ramakrishnan Executive Director, Eduriser

We liked the training very much. And also the beautiful certificate. I learned a lot about design and UX Research. I never thought there is a separate field of UX Research that can be explored. Also the practical training on Figma and XD. For a person like me with no design background, I understood a lot and maybe in the future, I can try to create small things as a part of learning.
Thank you so much.

-Ramya Muralidharan, Student – Design Thinking & UX/UI practices



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